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Baseball Strategy


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Baseball Strategy

 First let me introduce myself. My name is Tony Stoffo and I am the former Race and Sports Book Manager of the Desert Inn casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Through all my years working in Las Vegas, I have seen it all. Especially when it comes to sports betting, you learn so much when you work on the other side of the Sports Book counter.

I have compiled and will share with you the most profitable Money Management programs that I have seen come across my Sports Book counter that constantly have shown a steady profit.

Here is one of the Money Management Programs from my new book Money Management for the year round Professional Sports Handicapper that incorporates baseball.

Baseball Streaks

Many of the professional handicappers that I know here in Las Vegas use this system every baseball season. If you like betting on baseball this Money Management program is for you.

The betting series for this program is:


This program incorporates betting on teams that go on winning streaks.

At the start of the season pick 4 teams that you think will either have a great season, or pick 4 teams that will have a lousy season, or any combination of the above.

Here is the secret of the system. When one of the teams you like wins a game, you start to bet on them. By doing this you will catch every winning streak they go on for the season. When they lose a game you do not bet on them again until they win another game. This eliminates you from betting on them on all their losing streaks for the season.

Sounds pretty good to me, accumulating profits on every winning streak, and sitting on the sidelines for every losing streak.

When you pick a bad team to bet against, imagine betting on every one of their losing streaks for the year.

As of this writing, Seattle has already had a 10 game winning streak on the road no less, and what about the Tampa Bay 0-15.

This is how you use the betting series.


Bet $50 for your first bet. Move up one number in the series as the team continues to win.

When your team finally losses, end the series and wait for the next opportunity.

Here is what a seven game winning streak looks like.



Amount Bet ***


Net Profit






























One seven game winning streak shows a $1,000 profit. Imagine how many streaks you will catch through the season.

*** the only thing you have to incorporate is the amounts to bet with the money lines involved.

The only problem here is the odds you have to lay as your team continues to win. After winning 6 straight you would be up $680.

But if you had to lay 200 in the 7th game and your team lost. You would give back almost all of your profits from the first 6 wins. Here is where you have to decide whether to go for the kill and win that 7th game, or pocket a nice profit. Its up to you.

One of my friends' betting series has now grown to this:


When he catches a seven game winning streak, he now wins $10,000.

You too can build up to this in a very short time too.

In addition, think of all the 3,4,5, and 6 game streaks you will be on.

Just a 4 game winning streak will show you a profit of $270.


Again its up to you to decide how far you want to go before you pull your profits and start another series.

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